Royal Commission into the Casino Operator and Licence

Public hearings and public submissions conclude

09/07/21 5.00am

Today marks the conclusion of eight weeks of public hearings.  Over 60 witnesses gave evidence before the Royal Commission into the Casino Operator and Licence in both private and public hearings.

Commissioner Ray Finkelstein will deliver a final report detailing findings and recommendations by 15 October 2021. The next stages of proceedings are:

  • Closing submissions by Counsel Assisting the Commission will be heard on 19 July 2021.
  • Closing submissions by the Crown parties will be heard on 2 August.
  • Other parties with leave to appear will file their written submissions by 2 August.

Oral submissions will be live-streamed via the Commission’s website. Written submissions will be published in due course.

More than 80 public submissions have been received since the public submissions process opened.

Submissions have been received from a wide range of community organisations, academics and peak bodies. In addition, approximately two thirds of the submissions have come from members of the public, many of which were submitted anonymously. The majority of all submissions have been related to the themes of problem gambling and gambling related harms.

Public submissions can be viewed on the Commission’s website.

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Reviewed 13 July 2021

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