Royal Commission into the Casino Operator and Licence

The Commission opened its public submission process on 29 March 2021, inviting community members and organisations to contribute their views, ideas and experiences to inform the Royal Commission’s work

The Commission received 90 submissions with the process closing on 9 July 2021.The public submissions are available for download below.

You can find out more about the submissions of Counsel Assisting and parties with leave to appear here.

By publishing public submissions the Commission expresses no opinion as to the content or accuracy of any of the submissions, or other materials to which the submissions may refer.

Public submissions list

Click on the links below to view the submissions.

Please note, not all public submissions received by the Commission have been published. While it is the preference of the Commission to publish all public submissions, there are various reasons why this was not always possible.

The reasons include the author’s preference for the treatment of their submission; the need to protect the identity of the author or other individuals; and legal reasons such as restrictions on the publication of information subject to a public interest immunity claim or court suppression orders.

Reviewed 25 January 2022